We must never forget this day. The day everything stood still. The day we as a country seemed so small. The day when political affiliation, race, sexual orientation didn’t matter; everyone was just Americans. We mourned together as one, we were somber but united. Whether you were a fan of President Bush or not, we clung to his every word for some sort of peace. We praised and applauded the rescuers and first responders as heroes as they should be everyday.

We must never forget this day. For not only the loss of life and tragedy but also to never forget that we can, as a country, be united as Americans. We can stand together with compassion and love for one another and our country despite our differences. However, we must learn to do this without having to face such a tragedy.

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Sir Winston Churchill

Things NOT to Say to a Pregnant Woman

I got it with my pregnancies with Avah and Ayden. So of course, I’m getting it now with AJ. Difference is I was younger and bit nicer with those pregnancies. I’m not as young and damn sure not as nice. I understand people run out of shit to say. I mean sure the courteous thing to do would be to ask “how are you feeling?” or “How are things going with the pregnancy?” Ya know decent things to say. But no, apparently the usual pregnancy comments that MANY women face are negative and commentary on how big they are. Like as if us pregant women don’t feel crappy enough. Oh you mean this bowling ball I carry around 24/7 and try to sleep with at night? (Ya know, I didn’t even realize it existed until your comment!???)

Almost daily, I and i’m sure MANY OTHERS hear the following:

  1. “You’re huge/big/large/massive etc…”
  2. “Is it twins in there?”
  3. “We’re you this big with your other babies?”
  4. “Should you be eating that?”
  5. “You’re about to pop!”
  6. “So and so isn’t as big as you…”
  7. “You must be due soon”


Let me just reiterate some things so I don’t have to keep repeating myself in defense of my bump size and before you decide to slap a ‘WIDE LOAD’ sticker on my back:

  • I’m growing a human. Plain and simple.
  • I’m short w/ a short torso (there’s nowhere for me to grow but outward!)
  • On top of a baby, I also have a large fibroid growing in my uterus. So that doesn’t help much.
  • This is my 3rd baby (you get bigger with each subsequent pregnancy- GOOGLE it!).
  • I’m healthy, my baby is healthy and my doctor is extremely happy with my progress thus far in regards to weight gain.
  • oh and lastly…. BITE ME! 😉

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My Dormant Blog

So my blog has been dormant for quite sometime. Here I am checking in only to see my last blog written was what I was thankful for last year around this time. Also, found out that I had started a ‘Cheers to 2015’ blog for New Years Eve last year, only to save it as a draft and not publish it. Good grief my life!

I do love to write and really wish I made more of an effort to write on here often. Trust me, I have plenty to say but between work, home and kids I find myself having little time to put my thoughts and words into a sentence much less a full blog or article. By the time I get home in the evening I’m waving the white flag and most times find myself on my couch staring at the TV because lets be honest, most of the television today requires no thinking or even brain cells.

I really want to try and keep up with my writing I at least hope to give a valiant effort but there’s no promises. Truly, life is happenings at warp speed right now.

  • Adrian

What I’m Thankful For in 2015

Well this year has passed by in a nanosecond! Here we are the day before Thanksgiving. Publix is a cluster F%*&. My emails are bombarded with Black Friday deal teasers and this year, due to my complete insanity and quest for home ownership I now am working a second job IN RETAIL. HELP ME!

As much as I can go on about the craziness of the season that is about to ensue, I wanted to write a quick post about what I am thankful for. Why, because that is what we as Americans do. We stop for one day and say what we are thankful for only to flip the script and became ravenous holiday shoppers until we pass out or have mental breakdowns before Christmas Eve.

Any who, I myself have a lot to be thankful for this year.

I am thankful for my family and friends and their health.

I am thankful for my husband and kids.

I am thankful that I somewhat have some sanity left (although some would argue that’s a stretch).

I am thankful for wine for allowing me to keep that small amount of sanity.

I am thankful for CARD and my co-workers.

I am thankful for Dunkin Donuts Mocha Macchiato each morning for giving me a swift kick in the arse so that I can function and work each day and be somewhat pleasant.

I am thankful that I graduated from USF and will no longer have to write a paper or take an exam.

I am thankful for my discovery of the TV shows, Scandal & The Royals.

Mainly, and being serious, I am thankful that 2015 has been a great year thus far. I can only hope that 2016 will follow suit.

I wish you all and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Adrian

It’s been far to long….

Oh my poor little blog. I have neglected you but like some say, ‘life happens’. I’ve been so busy with everything on my plate it was hard to find the time to write anything down. On my last blog post I was ringing in the new year excited and ready to take on 2013. As I sit here now two things come to mind. One, ‘my god this year is flying by’. Second, that excitement I had at the turn of the year wasn’t a false hope.

2013 so far has been good. These past few months have been busy for me. I’m settling in to my new position at CARD quite nicely. I absolutely adore my co workers and learn so much from each and every one of them. I’ve been busy just trying to ‘learn the ropes’ and find my stride with working full-time again. In the midst of my adjustment to working full-time was my school load. Still chugging along working toward that overall goal of FINALLY getting my college education. It has been one long road to getting there, a path I’m still traveling down however, the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to become noticeable. 15 more classes! I’m registered for 3 this Summer and 3 this Fall so that will leave me with 9 (OMG) single digits!

These past few months with all my personal adjustments to working and school and trying to find a balance I regretfully feel like I’ve slacked in one important area of my life. That is home. No one is perfect but I at times feel like I could be a better mom, a better girlfriend. Some would say my work ethic and drive is a good thing. Some would say it is a curse. Because with those two qualities of being driven and a perfectionist, you develop tunnel vision. I have my eyes set on one thing and everything can be crumbling down around me and I wouldn’t notice. I often have to be knocked back to reality that I in fact can’t do it all. I am not Superwoman or made of steel. I do require sleep, food, and the occasional what is that called, ah yes break. However, my dreams and goals sometimes get the best of me and I jump into things with both feet only to find myself immersed with no way out. I wear myself down way to thin only giving myself enough time to get to the surface, breathe a bit and then back to the same old. As I get older, i’m realizing that I can’t keep this up.

Thankfully my trip to the surface to breathe a little is coming in a few short days when our little family will be taking a vacation to Disney! I’m so excited. Ayden’s first time. Rich and I’s first time to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Avah’s been numerous times to all the parks but not with us so it will be great. For 4 days I plan to leave my phone off. Away from the outside world and social media (if you know me that’s huge!!!). I want to just stop and enjoy my family before we are back at the rat race called life. It will be nice to get away, just us four. I can’t wait!

I promise to write more….Forgot how therapeutic it can be

Until next time!


Warning Parents! Comfy Kids Consignment selling broken merchandise

I am all for small businesses! I am a resident in Temple Terrace and have been a loyal customer of Comfy Kids Consignment shop for nearly four years now. I mainly consign and purchase clothes for my children at the shop. However, this Christmas I really wanted to buy my daughter a karaoke machine for Christmas so I was thrilled to see that Comfy Kids had one!

My daughter has autism and music and singing is her favorite thing to do so I thought this Christmas gift would be perfect. I purchased the Karaoke machine on a busy Saturday morning the cashier I hadn’t seen before so I assume she may have been new and there were a few others in line behind me. I wanted to test and open the box right there to make sure everything checked out okay but with the crowd of people and time I took faith in their little ‘Inspected by’ sticker and went on my merry way. I came home and stored it away in a closet along with other gifts I had purchased for my children for Christmas.

So here I am the Friday before Christmas and I decided to get wrapping done. I start pulling out all the gifts to wrap them and something told me to check the Karoke machine out. THANKFULLY I did. If my daughter would have seen what I saw on Christmas morning I think we both would have been in tears and mortified. The machine had a crack on the top corner near the screen, the whole system was cracked open, upon plugging it in the CD player part doesn’t even open! I was astounded at the condition of this thing! I immediately called Comfy Kids and the associate on the phone was nice and took my information and told me to come in Saturday morning and speak with the Manager. The associate also told me that they had another machine for the same price I paid and that she would put that on hold for a possible exchange.  I was at the store shortly after it opened at 10 AM only to be told to come back at 1 when the manager would be in. The cashier mentioned she would try calling the manager on the phone so we could possibly get this settled while I was there. She goes behind the curtain they have and comes back to tell me that the manager has said no refunds or exchanges. The manager hadn’t seen the condition of this machine and I find it disheartening that there in plain view there is another karaoke machine for the same price that could have been easily exchanged. I left a note for the manager explaining my disbelief in this situation and at the time of this writing have still not received a call from her.

I find it sad that customer service has taken a back seat in society. I would expect something like this from huge chain stores that have millions of customers nationally, globally and could care less. However, for a considered ‘small business’ whose loyal customers are local families I find it sad that this is how we are treated for our patronage. I also find it sad that this has happened around Christmas time. Not so much that it is an inconvenience for me to now have to go back out and find another one to purchase and say goodbye to the money I wasted on this machine but it is even more disheartening to me that if I had not checked it and went on my good faith of ‘inspected by’ sticker they place on their merchandise I would have had a young girl disappointed and questioning why Santa would give her something like this! It is sickening and I am a ball of emotions about this.

I wanted to share this story so that other families are well aware and are cautioned to check, inspect, and do what you have to do. I don’t want anyone else treated like this by this store! They have lost a loyal customer and consigner over this and have shown how they truly care about their customers and quality of product they are putting out.

With this post you will see pictures of what I pulled out of the box!

Cracked front

Cracked front


Steel Magnolias Remake: Good but not the original

Last night, Lifetime debut its highly anticipated remake of the 1989 classic, Steel Magnolias. As some have called it the ‘African American’ version, whatever version you choose to call it, it was an overall good remake. Yes all the main characters were represented and portrayed by some of the best African American actresses, but the script and plot remained intact which what I am most grateful.

The plot of the movie was exactly the same and even for this girl who can recite the movie word-for-word was able to do just that. There were minor changes to the script to make it more modern and up to date. The use of SUV’s, cell phones, mentioning of Emails, and even the dance ‘The Wobble’ at the reception was some of the modern day touches added. There was one curve ball that I have yet to figure out is Owen Jenkins, Weezer’s love interest. Everyone in the remake was African American except his character. Though it’s not a huge deal, leaving his character white it did make me scratch my head in confusion.

The cast of ladies which are all great actresses each played to their role well, although some better than others. Queen Latifah leads the cast as M’lynn and did a great job capturing the role that Sally Field originally played. Latifah as M’lynn was believable for me until the crucial part of the break down after Shelby’s death. It seemed a bit lack luster to me and not as capturing as Fields’ version.  Though don’t get me wrong, I was still crying by this point. My two favorite characters in the original and this version is hands down Clairee and “Weezer”. Last night’s remake was no exception. Phylicia Rashad as Clairee was an awesome choice by directors. Alfre Woodard, who is becoming one of my favorite actresses, played ‘Weezer’ who happens to be my favorite character in the movie. Both ladies did a phenomenal job portraying these characters. Their delivery of the jokes and mannerisms were on point. You can always find me quoting Weezer’s one liners and last night’s version didn’t disappoint. Some of my favorite lines from Weezer and Clairee:

  • The only reason people are nice to me is because I have more money than God.
  • Weezer, you sound almost chipper. What happened today – you run over a small child or something?
  • He is a boil on the butt of humanity!
  • Don’t try to get on my good side, Truvy. I no longer have one!
  • Oh! Well don’t you expect me to come to one of your churches or one of those tent-revivals with all those Bible-beaters doin’ God-only-knows-what! They’d probably make me eat a live chicken!

The other main characters in the remake were good but not capturing. Jill Scott as Truvvy was a bit of a letdown and not on her part, but more so on the direction of the film a lot of her lines and appearances were cut from the original. My overall discontent with the movie was the flow or choppiness of it. They cut a lot of scenes from the original and mainly just focused on the wedding and then the death of Shelby. I found it kind of choppy. The ending was a bit abrupt as well.

The fact of the matter is that the new version Lifetime premiered was a good remake. I enjoyed it and got my good cry in. Further proving that the story of Steel Magnolias is unaffected by new casting or race changes because at the end of the day it is just a good movie that anyone and everyone can enjoy. It is one of those movies that will never fade. I think that is why I am sort of grateful for lifetime for remaking it and modernizing it so that younger generations can come to appreciate the movie. Though the remake was good, nothing will ever compare to the original. Period.