As summer comes to an end…

    This summer has flown by. Phew! In an exasperated nano-second my ‘relaxing’ summer, that included no college courses for the first time in three years, was over before it started. Perhaps I should have taken a class or two, then it would seem like time was standing still. As I sit back now and reflect on the past three months it was a good summer none the less and enlightened me as a person.

    My summer officially began as I graduated from HCC and officially transferred to USF. I have taken this summer to familiarize myself with USF and reached out to multiple organizations that I would like to become a part of. Though I am a mother and upper-level transfer, I want to try and make the most out of my time at USF. I am a member of the Autism Speaks U – USF chapter and am vying for an Executive Board Member position this Fall. I am thoroughly excited to join this group as to no surprise to you the reader, it surrounds me with others for a passion for autism. I will also be a member of Best Buddies which will be another great opportunity to be hands on with students with disabilities. I am seeking to be initiated into Communications Honor Society, Lambda Pi Eta, as well. Fingers crossed! I am excited to begin at USF. I am anxious more than anything. I want to achieve great things; make my mark on USF and graduate feeling like I’ve completed all my goals. The student in me wants to do it all, experience it all, and reach for the stars but the reality is I am a mom first and foremost. So it will be a challenge, but one that I am willing to accept.

    This summer brought opportunities my way that allowed me to meet wonderful people and organizations. I began an internship with the Greater Temple Terrace Chamber of Commerce in May and what I’ve gained from this experience is extraordinary. I’ve met so many wonderful people from the Chamber. Meeting tons of business women and men from Temple Terrace has helped me come out of my shell and will further help me as a young professional. It gave me the confidence to go forward and go after opportunities. From the internship I was able to become a blogger for and make friends within the contacts within the community that I know will better me as a professional and person. With this internship I made a wonderful new friend in Lauren who works for the Chamber office. A fellow USF Communications grad and social media junkie, we immediately clicked. I am so grateful what my internship this summer has brought to my life. It is amazing. Though internships are usually not paid, what you take from them personally makes the effort worth it.

   I also had internship opportunity, which unfortunately didn’t work out. However, in the two weeks that I was a part of the organization it was amazing. I met passion driven individuals, like me, pushing for job opportunities and awareness of autism in Tampa Bay. It was an amazing time and again, came in contact with such wonderful people. Being in the café, totally worked by individuals on the spectrum, was amazing to see. To see their passion, creativity, and the light in their eyes to be there and working and being independent was great. It gave me so much hope for Avah’s future. Again, my time was short with Artista’s Café but It was another amazing opportunity that brought so much to my life this summer.

    Again, this summer went by quick. It was all-in-all a good summer though. Can’t complain! I’ve got all my books purchased. My planner all mapped out for appointments, meetings, and class times. I’m ready for Fall. Bring it on! There is nothing I can’t do it, the sky is the limit! Until next time……..