It’s been far to long….

Oh my poor little blog. I have neglected you but like some say, ‘life happens’. I’ve been so busy with everything on my plate it was hard to find the time to write anything down. On my last blog post I was ringing in the new year excited and ready to take on 2013. As I sit here now two things come to mind. One, ‘my god this year is flying by’. Second, that excitement I had at the turn of the year wasn’t a false hope.

2013 so far has been good. These past few months have been busy for me. I’m settling in to my new position at CARD quite nicely. I absolutely adore my co workers and learn so much from each and every one of them. I’ve been busy just trying to ‘learn the ropes’ and find my stride with working full-time again. In the midst of my adjustment to working full-time was my school load. Still chugging along working toward that overall goal of FINALLY getting my college education. It has been one long road to getting there, a path I’m still traveling down however, the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to become noticeable. 15 more classes! I’m registered for 3 this Summer and 3 this Fall so that will leave me with 9 (OMG) single digits!

These past few months with all my personal adjustments to working and school and trying to find a balance I regretfully feel like I’ve slacked in one important area of my life. That is home. No one is perfect but I at times feel like I could be a better mom, a better girlfriend. Some would say my work ethic and drive is a good thing. Some would say it is a curse. Because with those two qualities of being driven and a perfectionist, you develop tunnel vision. I have my eyes set on one thing and everything can be crumbling down around me and I wouldn’t notice. I often have to be knocked back to reality that I in fact can’t do it all. I am not Superwoman or made of steel. I do require sleep, food, and the occasional what is that called, ah yes break. However, my dreams and goals sometimes get the best of me and I jump into things with both feet only to find myself immersed with no way out. I wear myself down way to thin only giving myself enough time to get to the surface, breathe a bit and then back to the same old. As I get older, i’m realizing that I can’t keep this up.

Thankfully my trip to the surface to breathe a little is coming in a few short days when our little family will be taking a vacation to Disney! I’m so excited. Ayden’s first time. Rich and I’s first time to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Avah’s been numerous times to all the parks but not with us so it will be great. For 4 days I plan to leave my phone off. Away from the outside world and social media (if you know me that’s huge!!!). I want to just stop and enjoy my family before we are back at the rat race called life. It will be nice to get away, just us four. I can’t wait!

I promise to write more….Forgot how therapeutic it can be

Until next time!


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