Tyler and Lopez are out: Is the show, American Idol next

In less than 24 hours two of the 3 judges from American Idol have signed off from the Fox TV show. Yesterday afternoon media was buzzing from Aerosmith’s front man, Steven Tyler’s announcement that he would not be returning for another season. Speculation than picked up on whether Jennifer Lopez would leave. This morning, on Ryan Seacrest’s live radio show, Lopez announced that she would in fact be leaving the show. Though American Idol has been one of Fox’s biggest hit shows for the past 11 years, ratings have been declining. Only leads to the next question, is the show even going to continue?

  There are many reasons why, in my opinion, this show has seemed to decline from amazing to just another competitive reality show.  The exit of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul seemed to be the beginning of the end for the show.  I mean lets face it, you either truly loved Simon and his remarks or you loved to hate him. Either way thousands of people tuned into American Idol simply to hear what he would say next. When he left there was a huge void in the show that Fox tried to fill by bringing in big names in the music industry. Though Steven and Jennifer were great on the show it still didn’t have what it once did.

  Another reason I feel the show has reached the ending point is that when American Idol started in 2002 there was no other show like it! It was unique, fresh, and stood out among the new trend of reality shows. Things have greatly changed in television. Ninety five percent of television is reality and there is an ever-growing market for ‘competition’ based shows. Now more than ever, Idol’s biggest competition, X Factor, took  the wind from American Idols sails. The marketing is better, they have Simon Cowell, and just seem to have better talent!

   One thing that always bothered me about American Idol is that actually being declared the winner didn’t mean ANYTHING. Out of 11 seasons only two of the winners are still in the spotlight, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. What happened to the other nine? Then you see people like: Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, and Kellie Pickler who made the top ten and are widely succesful. So to me shows like Idol just lose their appeal when as long as you make the top ten your guaranteed a deal. What is in it really for the winner? What is really the point of voting?

   American Idol has introduced many talented people to the world of music that may not have ever gotten that big break. However, after 11 seasons of trying to keep it fresh and hip. Trying to compete with the boom of reality based competition shows, I think the show’s end is here. How many more Michael Jackson theme nights can they do? How many more times do we have to hear a young girl try her best to emulate a Whitney or Mariah song? I think with these recent changes it is time for producers to realize the time is done.

Adrian- Out!