‘Queen of Pop’-The time has come to step down from the throne!

Can someone please tell Madonna to put some clothes on? It is bad enough she continues to perform in hot pants and struts around on stage half-naked as if she’s 21, but now she is intentionally flashing body parts. Earlier this week while performing in Turkey, she had a ‘nip-slip’ incident which was anything but an accident. Then on Tuesday, while performing in Rome, she decided to flash her booty to the crowd, exposing a black lace thong. This in my opinion, is too much for a 53-year-old, mother of four to be exposing herself. It seems as though she will stop at nothing to retain that ‘shock value’ that has helped propelled her throughout her reign as ‘Pop Queen’. Always pushing the envelope and taking drastic measures to keep people talking. I take nothing away from her on her fame and understand that she has sold millions of records and has a huge fan base around the world. I myself like her music, but there has to come a point where one must realize, ” I can’t keep that up”. I acknowledge that she single-handedly paved the way for my generations pop divas however, it is time for her to take pride in that very fact and sit back and watch these divas run the music industry. She had her decades now let them have theirs to shine.

In keeping up with drawing media attention to herself and her MDNA tour, she has gone to great lengths to stay relevent by pushing the controversial envelope a bit further. She has made swastika references and has kept on fueling this Lady Gaga feud. Again, Lady Gaga is simply the Madonna of our generation. Madonna is seeing herself in Gaga with the dramatic Grammy entrances, inconceivable outfits, and performances that leave people thinking, ‘what the…”. It seems silly to me that instead of taking the high road and taking pride in the fact that she is the ‘Queen of Pop’, she could just say, “Ha Gaga! Been there, done that” . However, she is turning this feud into a high school girl fight. “Her song sounds similar to mine”. Well maybe it does Madonna, but practically every song on the radio these days is a remake or has a sampling from another song years ago. It is the way of the music industry. A way to embrace music’s history and make it relatable to the younger generations. Let it be! And please, I beg you put some clothes on and while you’re at it, eat something!