Mona Lisa Smile

The Mona Lisa smile. I've perfected it over the years. It's my go-to for all photo ops. Quite frankly, smiling and showing my teeth, even in private, doesn't seem natural. My teeth and smile have been a royal pain and number one insecurity of mine. Bad genes, bad luck whatever it boils down to, I've … Continue reading Mona Lisa Smile

Dear Avah,

As you sleep I sit here and think about our journey thus far. While it seems like ages ago I was sending you to Pizzo Elementary at the age of 3; I must have blinked because now here we are, your first day of high school couple weeks shy of turning 14. To you, maybe … Continue reading Dear Avah,

Water Safety is Critical


water safety tip

There are a number of swimming lessons and water safety education resources throughout the communities we serve through CARD-USF. They may or may not have expertise working with students with autism spectrum disorder. CARD-USF staff provide trainings upon request to various recreation programs, but even with our training, you need to make sure the instructors and programs you choose are right for your family. Please let us know if there are some terrific programs that worked well for your family so we can share the good news with other families. Here is a list of resources for all 14 counties we serve: swim lessons

Disclaimer: As a policy, CARD will not lend its name to the endorsement of any specific program, practice, or model that is offered for service to people with autism and related disabilities. However, the sharing of information and training opportunities are key functions of theā€¦

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