My Dormant Blog

So my blog has been dormant for quite sometime. Here I am checking in only to see my last blog written was what I was thankful for last year around this time. Also, found out that I had started a ‘Cheers to 2015’ blog for New Years Eve last year, only to save it as a draft and not publish it. Good grief my life!

I do love to write and really wish I made more of an effort to write on here often. Trust me, I have plenty to say but between work, home and kids I find myself having little time to put my thoughts and words into a sentence much less a full blog or article. By the time I get home in the evening I’m waving the white flag and most times find myself on my couch staring at the TV because lets be honest, most of the television today requires no thinking or even brain cells.

I really want to try and keep up with my writing I at least hope to give a valiant effort but there’s no promises. Truly, life is happenings at warp speed right now.

  • Adrian

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