Proposition 8 not the only thing unconstitutional!

Proposition 8 founded to be unconstitutional…well Duh! What astounds me at times is how this country was founded and based on freedom and rights to its citizens. Yet minorities had to fight for equal rights, women had to fight for equal rights and still even today we have equal rights issues for Gays and Lesbians. To me, as a country, we house the biggest group of hypocrites. We pride ourselves on freedom and being the best country in the world where everyone has rights and are equal and that is the biggest load of bull I have ever heard. We are not all equal not even close! Women get paid less than men doing the same job; minorities get paid less doing the same job as whites; and on the other spectrum we have Americans who want to marry someone they love and government tells them they can’t simply because their same-sex. Hypocrites! I for one feel that it is no ones business ESPECIALLY government who you want to marry. These people work, pay taxes, and are law biding citizens yet they are treated like second class citizens because they love someone of the same-sex. That goes against everything our Constitution stands for. To the Conservatives who cry that it is destroying the sanctity of marriage and true definition of family. That is CRAP! What sanctity? The divorce rate in this country is ridiculous. People get married and divorced like they change their clothes. So what sanctity are you talking about? There is none to go by. The majority of children in this country belong to blended families. Step dads, step moms, step siblings and divided holidays and weekends. That is okay? That is better in your eyes than having two loving parents raise you in one household?  That to me is more than being a hypocrite that is more along the lines of ignorance. In this country people fight for what they belive to be right. The African-American community had to fight, women had to fight, and now in this generation the Gay and Lesbian community must continue to fight; and will prevail.

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