36 Weeks Met

At the stroke of midnight marked 36 weeks. When I last wrote my blog it was at the beginning of the craziness that ensued regarding my blood pressure issues. Here I am 6 weeks later, still on ‘bed rest’ but have an increased dosage of blood pressure meds, multiple doctor visits, another visit to the ER and so many other wonderful tidbits and I’m no more sure of whats going to happen with this pregnancy than I did 6 weeks ago.

I’ve heard ‘Oh we won’t let you go past 36 weeks’. ‘Oh definitely not 37 weeks’ and I’ve also heard ‘well if things stay pretty regular we can possibly push it to 38’.  I’m tired y’all. Not so much physically tired from the pregnancy just emotionally.

To have your life practically on hold for 6 weeks and then told oh maybe a bit longer is just exhausting. I can’t work like I want to. I can’t do much around the house like I want to. I literally look around at all the crap I could be or should be doing and because i’m limited I can’t…and it sucks!

I try to constantly remind myself at least AJ is good and healthy. He passes all his tests with flying colors and is looking good and strong. It could’ve been a lot worse at the start of my troubles. Luckily we’ve managed to stay clear of Pre-eclampsia which I know is a sneaky bastard and can be detrimental to both mom and/or baby. So I do know I have much to be thankful for health wise for him.

Now besides the up and down of my hypertension it is just the ‘lets wait and see’ attitude from my doctors. See, I’m not a ‘wait and see’ kind of gal. I like dates. I like to live by a calendar. I like to know my next move for things so that I can plan and prep accordingly. At this point just give me a damn end date. That’s all….Not so hard really…just a date! Pick one, I don’t really care but just to have the validation of this date is it is all I really need at this point.

I’m hoping my next appointment brings some sort of good news but who knows. BLAH

❤  A

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