Down for the Count

Well my super easy pregnancy hit a brick wall as soon as I hit 29 weeks. That whole week was consumed by high blood pressure readings and more blood draws than usual.

Yesterday, at 30 weeks, my blood pressure got higher than it’s ever been and I just didn’t feel good at work. So per doctors orders, yesterday evening Rich and I headed to the hospital in a torrential downpour, for the 40 min drive to St. Joseph’s Women’s.

All my bloodwork and lab work has come back good. The baby is doing well too; which is all good news but my blood pressure numbers just are not cooperating.

So today marked the beginning of the rest of my pregnancy. BED REST. Bed rest along with blood pressure meds and weekly visits to the doctor. (Enter a long sigh)

Feeling defeated is an understatement. Being told I can’t do something doesn’t sit well with me; Especially being A-type personality and some would say “control freak” (like it’s a bad thing)

*eye roll*

So I’m trying to do what I can work wise from home. Trying to stay in bed as much as I can bare. Just trying to do as very little as possible without pushing it too far.

The plan is to at least make it to 36 weeks. Which will put me at early October. So long as he’s doing good and I’m good.

So now we just wait and see.

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