Avah & Middle School

Today, after dropping Avah off at school, while driving, I just thought about how happy she’s been since attending Liberty. Also, how happy I’ve been since she’s started at Liberty. When we had to leave Pizzo due to boundary changes I always thought to myself we’d never find a more cohesive, family type atmosphere than what we had at Pizzo. The women at Pizzo I still hold dear to my heart for guiding me through the darkest, most confusing time in my life. They were my guardian angels. At Lewis, Avah adored Ms. Eder and I, as a parent, had a great respect for her and all she did for her students.  We remain in touch with her after all these years. When she moved midway through 4th grade, Avah had a rough time with the remainder of elementary school and to sum it up, we were ready for a change. Big time!

Fast forward a few years and I now find myself sitting back and watching my daughter flourish and have the most incredible group of teachers and paras who surround her. They push her just enough to make sure she’s learning, growing and achieving greatness. Today, a few of the teachers and I were talking and laughing about her new love for the song, ‘Sweet Caroline’. Then I had a great conversation with the ESE coordinator at the school. It is an amazing feeling as a parent to have a great relationship your child’s school and feel like your part of something special which I truly feel I am at Liberty.

Most people dread the middle school years. I was one of them. However, these so far has been some of the best for Avah. She continuously grows and improves in areas that she needed work in. They implemented working the coffee cart where she is a barista and serves coffee to teachers. I’m sure she has her moments and has rough patches through the day but its the team knowing her and quirks and being able to work through those troublesome times that helps her overcome the rough days.

I can’t say enough great things about the ASD team at Liberty. Honestly, about everyone I’ve come in contact at the school. The principal is awesome, all the teachers I’ve come in contact with are great and of course, the lovely lunch ladies that greet us every morning as we walk through the gate who are quick to smile, say ‘hello’ and offer Avah her chicken biscuit.

I honestly can’t say enough great things about this school and am so thankful for CHOICE to allow her to be able to attend this school. It has truly made a difference in Avah’s life.

Go Eagles!

  • Adrian

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