Monday to recuperate…

What a weekend!

Last week was daunting as I had many papers due for my classes. I spent all day Friday working on one of them just so I could attempt to let go and enjoy my weekend of football. After finishing my paper I was able to visit with family and see my aunt and uncle who came down from Tallahassee. It was great being able to visit with them, as it doesn’t happen often. Late Friday night it was time to prepare for the big day tomorrow. GAME DAY! At midnight I was up painting my nails green and gold… (Gotta have spirit!)

Saturday was the day! It was the highly anticipated rematch, USF VS. FSU. Not only was it exciting because of the rivalry and the big event around town, but it was also my first football game as a USF student. I was excited! The only thing that would have made it better is if I had family or close friends coming with me. After doing a little bit of tailgating it was game time. It was an amazing atomosphere to be a part of! I loved it! Being among other students being part of the USF unit was amazing. I even won Fan of the week because of this picture…..

GO BULLS!! \m/

Herd of Thunder (HOT)

Even though USF lost, I was glad in the fact that we didn’t get completely destroyed like many predicted. It sucks to lose at home especially to the Seminoles. By the way can someone please tell their band to play something else other than that freaking war chant! It is highly annoying to hear it constantly, back-to-back. Regardless, it was a good game!

S-O-U-T-H  F-L-O-R-I-D-A, South Florida, South Florida GOOOOOOO BULLS! \m/

In less than 24 hours I was back at Raymond James stadium to watch the Bucs play the Redskins. Still exhausted from the night before we had a good time. Amazing seats again given by #77 Carl Nicks of the Bucs. He is very kind in helping us families with autism and through CARD-USF we were once again, front row endzone and loved every minute of it! Avah did too!

Avah loved being there. When the crowd yells the famous, ‘Tampa…..Bay”, she thought we were saying Hooray! (close but not quite!) She also loves when the stadium plays Ozzy Osbornes ‘Crazy Train’ song the “ey ey ey” gets her everytime! She sings that part perfectly on cue everytime. She even gave Captain Fear (the mascot) a high five!

                                                                                                                    GO BUCS!

                                                   We even made it on television!!! Exciting!

The Bucs lost too, which was a bummer that both my Tampa teams lost, but what can you do!? By the time we got home Sunday, I was spent. My throat hurt from all the screaming and I was just drained. My whole Monday was spent recuperating! It was a fun weekend. Which as a family, we don’t have much of so I can’t complain too much, but  it is still none the less exhausting.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

❤   Adrian

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