Pinterest gaining popularity one pin at a time

Facebook continues to dominate in the social media world, but one site generating buzz and building a huge following is Pinterest. The pin-board styled site was created in 2010 and is a photo sharing site that allows users and their followers to pin and share each other’s ideas on crafts, home organization tips, recipes, and clothing styles, among other things. User’s pins can then be shared on their Twitter and Facebook pages which create a growing interest to individuals and businesses. Pinterest is a crafter’s and foodie’s dream! The ideas that you can be exposed to are endless. Only on pinterest, can you pin your favorite brownie recipe than seconds later pin a healthy workout regime to follow. Users can find a craft idea to do with the kids. They can find fabulous ideas on how to organize the house. Women make up about 83 percent of all users of the site. Though women are the majority of followers, men have jumped on the craze as well.

                Businesses are starting to join Pinterest also. Some are starting to promote their business and products through posting pictures on the site. Once people start pinning and sharing a product, it is just a quicker and tech-savvy approach to replace the ‘ole word-of-mouth. Who does not want free marketing? As people spend the majority of their time on social media sites, businesses are more likely to get exposure with the use of all outlets, Pinterest included!

                Pinterest is a double edge sword though. It is a great, informative site and is full of creativity. However, you can find yourself completely consumed by the possibilities. It is easy to get swept up in the fun and creativity of it and could easily spend hours looking for the next great idea. So pinners beware!

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