To My Babies…

ImageAvah & Ayden,

    My babies, who I love with all my heart, I want to thank you. Without even knowing you have given me so much. You have taught me what true love is. I never truly understood what love was until you were born. Never thought I could care so much about someone or something until I met you. You have brought out the full compassion that I have but never knew I possessed. You teach me each and every day how to love deeper, how to sustain patience, and give me an extra boost to succeed. With that I am forever grateful.

 Avah, my princess, you truly inspire me and help me see the world in a whole new light. Being a new mom at 19, I did not know much about life nor motherhood, but one thing was for certain, I loved you instantly! Being a mom just came naturally and effortlessly. We’ve endured some tough times together, but having you in my life saved me and gave me purpose. After your diagnosis, that put me through the ultimate test. There were challenging times, but I never wavered. I thank you for helping me realize how precious life is. How to not take anything for granted. By going through challenges and dark times it helped me appreciate and enjoy the good times even more. Though your milestones came later and staggered through the years compared to other children, when you finally reached them it made them all the more special. As I have watched you grow from a quiet, secluded toddler to a vibrant, smart, beautiful young girl, I know you will continue to learn, to thrive, and achieve great things.

Ayden, my little squishy, your smile in the morning makes my day. When I walk in the door your squeal of ‘mommy’ melts my heart. In just two short years you’ve completed our family. You’ve made us whole. You are so loving, bright, and charismatic. Your personality already at two is contagious. I know you will do great things and am honored to be your mommy. I thank you for being patient with your sissy. Though you are young now and don’t quite understand her differences, you have helped her tremendously. You have taught her how to be more patient, affectionate, and interact more with children. I thank you for what you have done so far for her and will do for her in the future.

I love you both so much. I thank you from my whole heart. Thank you for teaching me the true meaning of love. Thank you for opening up my heart and mind to the world. Thank you for allowing me to grow with you and learn just as much from you, as you do me.

                                       Love Always,


One thought on “To My Babies…

  1. Uncle Keith and Aunt Shari says:

    That was beautiful! You are a wonderful mommy and you have a wonderful family! We are so proud of you!

    love you baby

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