Student loans are forever – even in death

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Students loans are becoming a huge issue in this country as many college graduates are entering the job force with thousands of dollars in student loans. It seems like a vicious, never-ending cycle as the cost of tuition keeps rising more students are having to borrow more money to fund their education. Though the job market is slowly picking up, many grads are facing huge debts upon graduation and with no high paying job offers at hand. The government and banks see the problem with students loans becoming greater as the number of loans in default are at record levels. For one college student, even in death his loans were a great burden on his family as it took drastic measures for the bank to relinquish what he owed. I found this story troubling that for a family going through so much, enduring a great loss, they have to fight with a bank over student loans. They had to take to a popular petition site, for the bank to find the heart to let it go. The bank had nothing in place about in the event the student borrower died. Most importantly they relied on the fact that his father co-signed on the loan which made him now responsible. It saddens me to think that this family had to endure a death and then continue to pay for a student loan. Like the young man’s brother said, his father was paying for an education that would never be used. It is astounding to me how twisted our world has become. That money has taken presadence over morals and humility.

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