My time at HCC

As I am set to graduate from Hillsborough Community College in a few days, I wanted to sit down and reflect on my three years with the institution. After being out of school for nearly five years and working Full-time going back to school really seemed daunting but I was excited and commited to finish what I had started at FAU. Not only working full-time, I was also a single mom. That fact alone also compounded my worries but also gave me more reason to push on and finish. I started out by taking one class per semester for the first year. As I looked at my remaining classes I remember thinking this was going to be a long road ahead of me. At times that feeling resurected itself but I kept on, only keeping my mind on the fact that I was not giving up again. In my three years here, I have learned a lot academically but a lot about myself as well. That the love I’ve had for school had not been lost and the feeling of accomplishment of getting good grades and succeeding was my drug and kept me motivated. I can honestly say that I did not experience any horrific professors. I have gained so much from all of my professors and have truly enjoyed all of them. I have gotten to know a few of them pretty well and keep what they have taught me as I go on to USF. I’ve enjoyed my classes here and feel that coming back to school and going through HCC was the best decision I could have made. I’ve made some friends along the way and the beauty of these fellow classmates is that many of us are in the same boat. We are the same age and  going back to school later on in life. Some of us have kids or work full-time and yet still pushing forward to get our degrees. It is humbling to know these individuals and know that there are more out there like me. As I walk across that stage on Friday and receive my degree, it will be bitter-sweet. I will miss HCC as it became home. I go to school here and work here. However, I am excited to start my new journey at USF.  I will then be one step closer to my educational dreams. Thank you to HCC and the staff and students. It’s been a great three years! ❤

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