Love, Adrian Marie

Let me start off by saying the old cliché line, ” I have the best parents in the world”. Well since that is out-of-the-way, I wanted to express my true gratitude for two people who thoroughly deserve some time in the spotlight. After getting married at 18 years old and having me a short time later many, especially in today’s society, would have scoffed, “that isn’t going to last”. However, with being young newlyweds and parents, my parents have crushed all odds and are still happily married after nearly 28 years of marriage. I’m like my father in many aspects and one attribute that we share is that we do not like to talk or share our feelings.  I however, lucky for me,  am like my mom and I am good at expressing myself through words much better. My mom can write me a message on a post it and it could bring tears to my eyes. So this post I wanted to briefly pay homage to my parents and share things that I have come to realize in my years. For my mom- this woman is and forever will be my rock. The world could be tumbling down around me and she could still  be able to somehow make me see the lighter side of things. In times of being stressed or overwhelmed, she can talk me through any trouble I may come across. She helps me find humor it absolutely anything. We laugh like no ones business. Quoting some of our favorite movie lines is like our part-time job! Though like I said I take after my father in many aspects, she embraces what I am and encourages me for as long as I can stand it, then if needed, she slaps me back down to reality. She has worked hard in medical all through my childhood and still found time to be there for me and my brother. Still found a way to have all the neighborhood kids fall in love with her and thoroughly enjoy being at our house. I love my mom without a doubt. It is my one true goal in life that my daughter Avah and I, we too share the same bond that I have with my mom. For my dad- I can remember from a young age knowing the sacrifice he made to be a good husband and father. Giving up plans to attend college was his first out of many, and biggest selfless thing he did for his family. I have always known of this sacrifice and have kept it with me as my motivation to achieve great things. He gave my brother and I a great childhood. He worked hard to ensure that. I am so much like my dad and proud of it. I get his tireless work ethic, passion and drive to excel, and just compassion in general. I know it was huge let down for him when I left FAU and I hope by finding my way back into school and finally on my way to earn my B.A. it will make it him proud. Earning my degree is extremely important for me but more so to get it for him. When I walk across that stage earning my college degrees, I’m obtaining them for him as well. I love my dad and no we don’t say it enough, but we are enough alike to know that it doesn’t necessarily have to be spoken to be known. 

My parents are the pillars that made me who I am today. Though I may have not taken the path they had wanted for me. I still made it through and will continue to do so with their love and support.

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