Finally…..She has given birth!

Today was a good day. Not only was it the start of May but most importantly one of Hollywood’s very own gave birth….FINALLY! Jessica Simpson has given birth to a baby girl, Maxwell Drew Johnson. The baby weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds 13 ounces. The pregnancy seemed like the longest on record and had many speculating she was having multiples. Not only am I happy for them as a family but I’m most happy that the media will finally have to move onto the next victim. Pregnancy and women doubling or tripling in size is nothing new. Even though these women are in the business of hollywood and glamour, they should be given the respect and reprieve that most women get for being pregnant. She was tabloid fader for many months on how huge she was and given a lot of flack for her pregnancy. It isn’t right. Though they are celebrities they are still human and yes, they chose that business and profession, but that doesn’t mean we should throw humility and respect for them as humans out the windows. So what she was huge. So what it looked like she was carrying triplets that is no ones concern. As we now know her baby was huge! So it makes sense that her small, short frame looked huge. I am glad that now she has given birth, she will be much happier and less miserable. The talk and whispers in the media about weight will now slow a bit until they are on her case about losing the post-baby weight. It never ends!

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