1:88 children- Sounds like an epidemic to me!

Recently the CDC released new projected numbers in cases of autism that are diagnosed in this country. What recently thought as high odds at 1 in 110, those figures seem a lot more hopeful than the newest numbers reported. According to the CDC, cases are now at a rate of 1 in 88. For boys, the odds are even greater compared to girls. Current rates for boys being diagnosed is at 1 in 54, for girls 1 in 252. In a world with tons of technology and even more knowledge in the medical field autism remains one of those great unanswered questions. Many have their theories: toxins, shots, enviromental, developmental, and/or heredity. Whatever a person chooses to believe or blame for autism, one thing is for certain SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE! I know some claim this is not an epidemic however, I laugh at those individuals. This country is quick to jump to conclusions and call for action on the, in my opinion, the dumbest ideas. For instance, the H1N1 or swine flu. Yes, this disease showed potential threat to humans but it was very limited in cases and did not even come close to the numbers of individuals that have autism. What happend? It was plastered all over newscasts and the government was called to intervene and somewhat of a panic errupted as people needed to get shots. Where is the panic in our society over autism? When are American’s coming to realize that this is a serious problem not just for the kids, the families affected, but for society as whole. At the rate autism continues to climb, a majority of our poplulation will be autistic in 20 years. Our government is already trillions in debt, social security is drying up drastically, how in the hell is our society and government going to be able to afford the autism population. The services or tutoring for these indviduals, the housing that some may need, the professionals that are needed to teach and guide. Autism awareness and funding has come along way thanks to organization like Autism Speaks but there is only so much one organization or group of activists can do. Not to many people outside of the autism community get it nor do they seem to care, but people need to start taking notice and quick!

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