Trayvon Martin: Society Uproar


If you have not heard the name Trayvon Martin you must have been living under a rock. The name of an average 17-year-old boy, whose life was taken carelessly by an over-zealous neighborhood watch member, has become a national headline. As details of the case continue to roll out and public opinion is a plenty. Members of communities around the nation are banning together asking for justice in this case. Political leaders, NAACP leaders, and civilians are holding rallies and marches bringing awareness to this ordeal. Sporting the infamous hoodie and armed with skittles and tea, hundreds gather and walk to show their concern on the lack of justice in this case.

In cases like this the media is a double edge sword. They deliver information but much like the game telephone the information becomes more and more obscured and so much information comes out you don’t know who to believe or what to think. It only compounds the problem. It only adds fuel to the raging fire that is sweeping the nation. In my opinion, what was once a police case and issue with a state law, the stand your ground law, now has evolved into another notch in the belt of major societal issues such as race related crimes. 

To me this case is simple. To me it is not a black or white issue. It has nothing to do with race. To me this is a simple right and wrong issue. George Zimmerman was wrong from the beginning. He pursued Trayvon. He followed him and chased him even after the 911 dispatcher told him not to. Trayvon didn’t have a weapon or was pointing a gun at George Zimmerman he was walking with a bottle of tea and skittles. Last I checked, those were not weapons and known to cause harm to someone. If anyone should be upset with anybody first it would be those who passed this ridiculous law. This law opens up the opportunity for people to take law into their own and hands and as we’ve seen some people are not capable of making such drastic decision in the heat of the moment. Secondly, it would be the police department for not at least arresting Zimmerman. To me with all this public outcry and media coverage and no arrest they are just giving Zimmerman time to plan and execute and escape route. So when it is decided to press charges, he’s going to be missing. Then still there will be no justice for Trayvon or closure for his parents.

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