Paired for the spotlight!

The newest celebrity couple plastered on tabloid covers is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Now I want to start off by saying although I think Kanye is prick and egotistical maniac, I do enjoy his music. As for my take on Kim. I love watching the reality shows about her family and do realize that she has a strong work ethic and is a savvy business woman. But when it comes down to making life choices and relationships with people she is severely lacking and needs professional help!  Two marriages down, still married and fighting over fraud claims about the wedding. I mean if she had any clue on life she would come to the realization maybe she needs to take sometime for herself to figure some things out. She definitely is not helping the cause by getting with the male version of herself.

They are both egotistical, self-absorbed, money-hungry, fame whores. How could you possibly gain anything from a relationship with someone who harbors the same bad qualities you possess. She’s still married and onto the next one already. In a recently published article Kanye is rumored to have claimed Kim is his ‘Beyonce’. Kim Kardashian will never be on the level of Beyonce. They both as a couple will never come close to comparison to Jay and Beyonce. Jay and Beyonce are a power couple but yet know how to draw the line in keeping their private lives separate. The Kardashians broadcast everything. That is why they are constantly tabloid topics. Beyonce and Jay stand by each other and support one another. You really think someone as self-absorbed as Kanye and Kim are really going to put their partners needs first? Hell no! I mean look at the downfall of her recent marriage to Kris Humphries. She didn’t want to give up her life or things or compromise on anything to accommodate him and his needs. You really think she’s going to change for you Kanye? Don’t think so. The relationship is already on track for being just a huge publicity stunt to keep themselves relevant. I mean how coincidental that the same day his single “Thera Flu” drops is the first day they are out gallivanting around NYC? I just simply can’t stand when celebrities want to be respected and want to be taking seriously but they do things and put themselves in these situations that make you question their intelligence and motives.

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