Customer Service: An oddity in our society

So I recently went to one of my favorite fast food  restaurants, Chick-fil-A. As usual I placed my order and drove to the window and was  absolutely blown away by the service. Now usually if I go to other establishments and yes sometimes Chick-fil-A, getting a greeting or even smile out of the employee is a rare occurence. What we as the public consider a polite greeting these days is simply stating our total and “have a nice day”. An even bigger perk is just getting the order right! Sadly, as a society since this has become the norm we consider this customer service and do not expect much else. What is even more sad, in the rare event we get superb customer service and come in contact with genuinely nice people we are taken back and left thinking, ” that is weird”; and that should not be the case. Going back to Chick-fil-A as soon as I pulled up the young man was smiling and immediately asked me how I was doing today. After answering him and receiving my food he asked if there was anything else he could get me and as I said “no thank you” still with a smile and upbeat attitude he said, “have a great day ma’am” as I drove away.

As I drove away I thought to myself he must really love his job. As I pondered about it some more I thought, that is true customer service and how it should be every time. That young man put a smile on my face and set the tone for a positive day. Imagine if every place was like that. I think people would be more overall nicer and caring to others and it would become contagious! However, as a society we have set the bar of our expectations so low that we do not expect to much from others. Which in my opinion is very sad.

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