What to expect from my posts

So by reading my previous post you know that I am soon graduating from HCC and will continue onto USF in the Fall. You also know that I am a mother of two. What else? What makes me well, me? My views are pretty simple. I am clearly a Liberal on most all hot topics. I believe everyone should have the right to marry whomever they please. I believe in a woman’s right to her own body. I even feel that by legalizing marijuana and taxing it like we do with cigarettes and alcohol, would have more positives than negatives on our economy. I feel our government is corrupt and blinded by greed and power and that our country which was founded on principles of liberty and rights for people is dwindling by the day. I just do not believe were as free as most Americans claim.

As for interests, by my previous post I touched on autism and its role in my life. Promoting autism awareness and raising money for autism and the children who live with it is such a rewarding interest of mine. I want children like my daughter to have the best and every chance to thrive in our community. As a student, I understand that most younger students at HCC may not enjoy the same enthusiasm as I do for community work and for autism. So I do plan on posting blogs that could hopefully relate to younger students as well as student who are parents like myself. I plan on writing about topics or people that I feel should be highlighted in our community. Some posts may even be me simply writing my frustrations or opinions on what is going on in the world around us.

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